To explain from the start: Whenever a TV show, a YouTube production or any other video production is filmed, the result of this filming is a large amount of video material. Often tv series are filmed using multiple cameras and in different formats.
This video material is physically handed over to post production and these people run into a problem: what scene is where on which tape/disk/nas/storage?? Often it is crucial for editing to exactly know what is spoken, done, laughed, cried, etcetera by the people on it.
RazorLog is an easy tool to quickly spot all this raw material an quickly create loggings of the scenes.
The result is that the editor can use the report tool to quickly make selections of the scenes. RazorLog searches quickly thrue its database and shows the result.
The result can then be exported to a format that is readable by editing tools like AVID, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and even Windows Movie Maker.


In order to be able to view MXF media files or XDCam, your computer system needs a valid driver or codec (these are plugins voor Apple Quicktime and have nothing to do with the logging tool). The following codecs are recommended:
Format Codec Install needed within package Website manufacturer
EX Calibrated{Q} MP4 –EX Calibrated{Q}MP4EX.msi
MXF Calibrated{Q}MXFImport Calibrated{Q}MXF.msi
XD Calibrated{Q}XD Calibrated{Q}XD.msi
VLC VLC driver vlc.msi
GoPro VLC driver vlc.msi