Razorlog: create metadata from your video

The easy alternative for reality logging!

Log your videos, build your database and export easily to tools like AVID, FCP, WMM, Adobe Premiere

What is RazorLog

RazorLog is a logging software that enables you to classify, categorize, bind together, and log every scene in your material. And when the logging is done, you can export that information in a number of ways for the next step in your production chain. And every scene you have made will show up as a marker in your editing suite. And yes, it's still searchable!

Unique easy interface, keybord enabled for super fast input

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We're really all about support. We are totally aware that the average media production facility has a pretty high throughput of personell. It is usually also a very dynamic environment to handle for the IT department. That's why we are used to supporting our customers with hands on tips, tricks, and problem solving. There are several ways to reach us, as listed below. And as always, we'd love to hear from you.

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Media, hardware, software

Razorlog is designed to work with all common video formats and is optimized for easy use, for teams of unlimited sizes. Interested? Requests a demo here

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Tapes, disks, storage media, LTC

RazorLog handles pretty much all media formats currently out there, ​be it file based or VTR based media, and even live logging!

From a standalone laptop ​to multi-clients network with NAS media storage (or any)

Your demands decide how RazorLog will be implemented.
You might be a one-person production
or documentary creator logging your recorded material. And without any hazzle move the information in to your editing suite of choice to continue working.
Or why not start logging at site! Export and upload the media to the main logging farm where logging will continue.
You might be part of a team working for multiple simultaneous productions. The media stored on a NAS, and the RazorLog project database(s) hosted in your server park.

Logging VTR based media is equally simple. Even though a big part of media production has moved over to file based media, there are still situation where VTR media is being used. 
In a live logging setup, you are able to connect LTC to one of the logging stations that will automatically distribute the timecode on the network to additional logging stations.