ESSaver is an innovative software application which can help you realize your server consolidation, save energy and be more efficient. ESSaver manages this by giving you the insight of the real software/server power usages  per application or server, your virtual sessions and even within a virtual session.

The usage data is daily uploaded by each computer (or VM) in the organisation, to a central store. The manager can review these usage and data via management reports. Using this data, he/she can take action to optimize energy usage. New about this concept is the effort to get workers in an organisation to know about energy usage of their software and computers. Although Microsoft Windows as well as other operating systems long have the possibility to reduce the energyusage of a computer, there has never been a clear connection between the power plan and energy savings. ESSaver does exactly that!

Know what software processes are running on all your assets in your datacenter, know what and how to virtualize.

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